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AFFLUX Front Fender Kit
Provides more room for a wider wheel and creates a better look for your car. A special front lip spoiler (made to order) is also available for the perfect match

Fender kit - $954.00
Special lip spoiler - $642.00

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AFFLUX Full Fender Kit
The Kit includes front wide fenders (2 sides), rear wide fender (2 sides) and the side step (2 sides), Door adopter (for both doors) and a special rear bumper is also included in the Kit. This Kit is made to order


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AFFLUX Lip Spoiler
The spoiler is designed to provide greater down force and sufficient ground clearance for optimum performance. A clear gel coating applied on the surface. The spoiler achieved high performance at relatively low cost.


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AFFLUX Aero Mirror
Aerodynamically designed for maximum visibility

Standard - $593.00
Full Carbon Design - $797.00

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AFFLUX Aero Mirror Cover
Can be easily attached to AFFLUX Aero Mirror by double sided tape


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AFFLUX GT II Wing (made to order)
A superior 3 dimensional design reduces the drag and maintains the strong down force.


Throttle Adaptor
By replacing the stock diagonal shaped Throttle Adaptor, our straight Adaptor enhances the intake air efficiency.

Standard 70 - $314.00
70 - 80 special order - $387.00

Surge Tank Throttle Adaptor
This is required when using a FD3S surge tank for FC3S.


Surge Conversion Kit
This Kit enables you to use the FD3S surge tank and throttle body for your FC3S. (This item should be installed by an experienced mechanic due to certain complexities and modifications that are involved.)


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Inter Cooler Kit
When extremely hot compressed air comes from your turbine compressor you will experience less efficiency and a reduction of power. By cooling the hot air, the intercooler provides more molecules of air at a more stable and higher efficiency rate which will generate more horsepower.


Bracket for fuel regulator


Large Flow Fuel Injector
Required for fully tuned rotary engines


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Big Throttle Body
The bore is 4mm larger than stock which provides more inflow volume. Also, the butterflies are manufactured with a new material for improved durability.


Racing Spark Plug Wire
Made of neo silicone which is highly heat resistant and of high tensile strength. With a resistance value of 0.9O it produces a strong ignition with noise suppressant features.


Throttle Position Censor

Late model - $421.00
Early model - $305.00

Throttle Position Check Light


Reinforced Belts
Stronger belts for power steering and the air conditioner


Double Pulley Belt Kit
By increasing the number of the pulley belts to two, slippage of the belt is eliminated. Can be used for the FD3S alternator.


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