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High Quality Racing Spec. Engine Oil
Heat poses a great threat to the rotary engines, which makes the oil management a critical factor for the maximum effectiveness. After numerous testing and R & D, Fujita Engineering has developed several very high quality oils. All feature the following:
1. Maintaining oil pressure
2. Hinders wear on the sealing and prevents carbon accumulation.
3. Excellent heat resistance will not deteriorate even at 150 C-Celsius (300 F -Fahrenheit)
4. Hard to gasify and reduces the blow bye
5. Longer lasting before oil changes are needed.

Spec R Pro 15W-50 SL
100% Ester Synthetic Capacity 5 liter


Spec R (F812) 20W-60 SL

1 liter - N/A
4 liter - N/A

Spec R-NA (for RX-8) 10W-40 SL
100% synthetic Ultimate oil for RX-8


Differential Oil RD-F01 140S 1 liter
Mission Oil RM-F01 75W-80 1 liter

Fujita Engineering Mission Oil RM-F01 is original gear oil for transmissions with high torque and high horsepower requirements. Conventionally, shift feeling and longevity of the oil are contrary to each other. (Oil which provides excellent shift feeling usually does not last long). By combining special complex ester with high viscosity synthetic oil, Fujita Engineering has solved the problem and achieved both. From the street to the race track, our gear oil is indispensable to your rotary vehicle.

Left - differential oil price N/A
Right - Mission oil price N/A

Fuel additive (left) Racing fuel additive (right)
Fuel Additive
By combining with the gas at a 60:0.3 ratio, our fuel additive increases the engine torque and contributes significantly to the durability of the rotary engine. It mixes smoothly with gas and reduces smoke and carbon.

Racing Fuel Additive
Octane boosting and engine cleaning functions are added to the standard fuel additive to make this a perfect additive for your racing requirements.

In a newly designed bottle
Fuel additive 0.3 liter - $52.00
Racing fuel additive 0.3 liter - $57.00

Sports Oil Filter (for rotary vehicles only)
The Sports Oil Filter has a unique internal structure and tourmaline effect that produces negative ionic activity on the engine oil. Along with the 150 % increase in the filtering effectiveness, it also reduces shortfall of the oil pressure. It is an excellent choice for a tuned engine.


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FEED Oil Filler Cap (left) / Radiator Cap (right)
Oil filler cap (color red or silver)
Radiator cap (open valve pressure 1.1kg/cm2)

Oil filler cap - $127.00
Radiator cap - $59.00

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FEED Brake Master Tank Cap
Provides an accent on your engine bay (Available colors - red or gun-metal)


Racing Spark Plug (for RX7) / Iridium Spark Plug (for RX8)
The two spark plugs offer the best choice for your driving requirements.

FD3S, FC3S racing spark plug Heat rating No9, 10, 10.5, 11, & 11.5 - $64.00
RX8 Iridium spark plug Trailing side heat rating No10, & 11 - $94.00
Leading side heat rating No9, & 10 - $94.00

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FEED Combination Shift Knob / FEED Stainless Shift Knob
Our shift knobs are heavier than stock models. With a pendulum movement principle, the FEED Shift Knobs assists in smoother shifting. The combination knob is made of stainless and polyacetal (POM).

Combination Shift knob - $110.00
Stainless Shift Knob - $96.00

Quick Release Boss (Quick steering wheel release)
Hinders vehicle theft and enables an easier entry and exit from your vehicle.



FD3S oval 94 - $36.00
FC3S oval 94 - $45.00

Heat Resistant Hose Cover (Heat Protect)

13/m - $104.00
22/m - $147.00

Silicone Transition Hose

Straight 50 - $45.00
Straight 60 - $51.00
Straight 70 - $54.00
Straight 80 - $63.00
60-65 - $118.00
60-70 - $118.00
65-70 - $118.00
70-80 - $140.00

FEED Power Floor Mats
Two pieces for front seats
1) Heel pad on the driver side
2) Non-slip material & Velcro tape are attached
*Velcro tape on driver side only.
3) FEED logo
4) Several color choices - please call
5) Machine washable

Solid black - $221.00
Black / Red frill - $235.00
Checkered - $248.00

FEED T-shirt
Original FEED T-shirt (JP)


FEED badge
Original FEED badge (JP)


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FEED Power Emblem
Original FEED emblem about 60mm x 60mm size


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FEED Emblem (top) / AFFLUX Emblem (bottom)

FEED emblem (Red / Silver) (JP) - $42.00
AFFLUX emblem (Red / Silver) (JP) - $45.00

FEED Ashtray
Original FEED ashtray made of machined duralumin


RX-8 Spark Plug Wrench
The plug wrench enables you to change a spark plug from the inside of the front fender


Quick Release Plug Wrench
Specially designed spark plug wrench for rotary engines and must-have item for your maintenance needs. A push-to-cancel mechanism prevents accidental disengagement of the wrench head.


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1) FUJITA ENGINEERING shadow letters (white/silver 7x70cm) - $51.00
2) FUJITA ENGINEERING (white/silver 5x69cm) - $36.00
(white/silver 4x12cm) - $23.00
3) AFFLUX (white/silver 5x18cm) - $26.00
4) FEED (white/silver 5x24cm) - $28.00
(white/silver 4x14cm) - $27.00

Nrburgring Spec - Complete Engine
Rotor x 2, Apex seal x 6, new rotor housing, special porting
Price depends on the core exchange
Other engine tuning menu
Side port modification
Modified Apex seal
Reinforced rotor
Engine overhaul
Rebuilding transmission
Turbine overhaul

Price Please call

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