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FD3S Tune Up Parts
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Sonic Ti (Street Spec) (New item)
A high performance titanium exhaust renewed in early 2011 with the sound level set as mild for street driving. Weight is very light at about 5kg.


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Sonic SR
An all stainless exhaust with a main pipe 80Ø and exit 100Ø. Weight is 9.5kg. Tested and tuned at the Nürburgring Race Track


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Sonic AS-V
This stainless dual tip exhaust presents an exceptional rear appearance for your FD3S


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Sonic Front Pipe (Sonic FP)
An all stainless steel front pipe exclusively designed for FD3S. This front pipe significantly improves the exhaust flow and enhances the boost response. After being tested and tuned at the Nürburgring, Fujita Engineering is introducing this product to the market with exceptional confidence. Main pipe diameter 80Ø, weighs 4.0kg


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Sonic Power Pipe (Sonic PP)
The Sonic PP has been created for Race use only. The stainless steel center pipe replaces the front stock pipe (which has a catalytic converter) thus bypassing the catalytic converter. It improves the exhaust flow speed dramatically and produces more power. The weight is 8.5kg and this one is also tested and tuned at the Nürburgring


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Stainless header (Exhaust Manihold)
With our new design, the header provides extra space for the addition of a larger turbine for more horsepower. T04 flange, pipe diameter 60Ø


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Twin Catlyzer (Twin exhaust Catalytic Converter)
By utilizing two converters, this products increase the exhaust efficiency and catalytic converter functions.


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Large Flow Fuel Injector
Required for fully tuned rotary engines


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Big Throttle Body
The bore is 4mm larger than stock which provides more inflow volume. Also, the butterflies are manufactured with a new material for improved durability. (core exchange)


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Throttle Body Elbow
Made of aluminum with a mirror finish for superior appearance, this elbow maximizes the air inflow and produces quicker response and better performance. It works very well with Fujita Engineering's Big Throttle Body and Piping Kit


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Inter Cooler Piping Kit
Our Kit includes aluminum pipes, silicone hoses and hose clamps. These will provide greater durability and performance than stock rubber hoses. For the rotary engine where the internal modification is rather difficult, maximizing the performance of the auxiliary devices is extremely important.


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High Response Piping Kit
The High Response Piping Kit includes piping, throttle body elbow, silicone hoses. By making the inflow as straight as possible, the kit minimizes the flow resistance and produces more power. Our aluminum throttle body elbow has a mirror finish for a superior look and produces quicker response performance.


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FEED GT Intercooler Kit (w/ piping)
The intercooler is designed for a front mount and has excellent cooling capacity. The intercooler produces cooler air flow for maximum performance. It is ideal for the high powered turbo RX7 and is indispensable for performance driving in the summer.


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TO4S Turbine Kit (Based on HKS turbine kit)
The TO4S Turbine Kit was developed for drivers who plan to replace the stock turbine for more performance. Other options are available for more power
TO4R Turbine Kit (over 500hp)
TO4RS Turbine Kit (over 420hp) (Please refer for detail)

TO4S - $5,683.00
TO4R - $7,143.00
TO4RS - $7,143.00

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Radiator w/ Air Separation Tank (Reservoir tank)
For maximum cooling efficiency, this kit comes with a performance radiator and an air separation tank for isolating bubbles. The air reservoir tank prevents cavitations and maintains higher radiator efficiency. We highly recommend this product to the performance minded enthusiasts.


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Twin Oil Cooler Kit
They provide 30 % to 250% more cooling performance than the stock

R-RZ - $2,807.00
SPL - $2,924.00
Single only - $1,468.00

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Power Flow Kit
Our Kit reduces the inflow resistance and contributes to cooler air flow.


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Racing Radiator
Designed for sports driving and will deliver maximum cooling efficiency. Two choices are offered. Aluminum three-layer model for drivers who are for the lightest version and our second choice, the copper two layer model offered at a lower price.

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